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May 16, 2008


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Kasey Jackson

Wow! I didn't know the Munchkin's Bookshelf closed! I'm so glad the Penguin will benefit from all the knowledge Maryanne will bring!
I'm working on plans to one day open my own children's bookstore as well. I've scoped out Mt. Lebanon as a possible area. I'm sooo jealous of the Penguin location and the new store! It's beautiful!
I'm a former PA girl (Beaver Falls area) who is stuck in Indianapolis. I follow your store's progress on here. I'm so glad you're sharing your thoughts!
If either of you (or both) want to help out a dreamer, I'd love to talk to you sometime. I need a mentor! I really want this to work out for me someday, and I'm absolutely driven and passionate to make it happen. I applaud all that you do ... you do it so very well. I'm definitely going to stop in during my next trip to PA! Congrats!

Kasey Jackson
Future children's bookstore owner :)


Kasey - Future bookstore owner, It is great to hear from you again! We are thrilled to have attracted Maryanne to Sewickley to work her magic with children at the Penguin. We would love to meet you on your next trip to PA and to help you in any way that we can. If you let us know in advance when you are coming, we can set up an appointment to share any information that is of interest to you. Keep the dream alive! Karen, Leah, Maryanne and Pixie

carole fletcher

are you open for business at Penquin in Sewickley now?

thanks, Carole Fletcher


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